Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Ann Baldwin
 Ann is a professional writer with more than 30 years experience and she's passionate about creative writing.  She has successfully crafted stories and composed professional literature for virtually every conceivable type of client; from actor to politician to CEO.  She has fulfilled a vast range of commissions for her clients, including: books, speeches, ads, newsletters, brochures, promotional materials, web content, sales proposals, training manuals, company policy handbooks, speaker introductions, event programs, logistics, contracts, banquet orders, referrals, even menus, and invitations.

Ann’s passion as a writer includes screenwriting and she went back to school to enhance her mastery of the art of creative writing and film in particular.  The Power of Dreams, Scent of a Trail, Dream Catcher, and The Writer’s Block are but a few of Ann’s scripts currently in development.  She’s also penned articles, interviews, and book reviews in the arena of filmmaking and screenwriting.

An author of both fiction and non-fiction, Ann’s currently at work on The Art of Observation.  She has a longstanding love for a surprising variety of genres, including mysteries and thrillers, spiritual and inspiration, supernatural and paranormal, adventure and drama, romantic comedy and family/children, as well as animation. She’s an active member of several writing communities and always gives back to her peers and mentees with an abundance of generosity and enthusiasm.

Additionally Ann spent several years working in the hospitality and entertainment industries, specifically as an event coordinator and manager.  She currently has creative writing services available for your writing, editing, publicity, and marketing needs.