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Ann is a professional writer with more than 30 years’ experience and she's passionate about creative writing.  She has successfully crafted stories and composed professional literature for every type of client; from actors/comedians/athletes to politicians to CEO's.  She has fulfilled a vast range of commissions, including: books, speeches, ads, newsletters, brochures, promotional materials, web content, sales proposals, training manuals, company policy handbooks, speaker introductions, event programs, logistics, contracts, banquet orders, referrals, menus, and invitations.

Ann’s passion as a writer includes screenwriting and she went back to school to enhance her mastery of the art of creative writing and film in particular.  The Power of Dreams, Scent of a Trail, Dream Catcher, and The Writer’s Block are but a few of Ann’s scripts currently in development.  She’s also penned articles, interviews, and book reviews in the arena of filmmaking and screenwriting.

An author of both fiction and non-fiction, Ann’s currently at work on The Art of Observation.  She has a longstanding love for a surprising variety of genres, including mysteries and thrillers, spiritual and inspiration, supernatural and paranormal, adventure and drama, romantic comedy and family/children, as well as animation. She’s an active member of several writing communities and always gives back to her peers and mentees with an abundance of generosity and enthusiasm.

Additionally, Ann worked in the hospitality and entertainment industries as a Special Event Coordinator and Manager for over 30 years, before becoming a writer full-time. Her responsibilities included sales and marketing, event coordination/planning, managing, public relations, publicity, networking, and a large portion of her time was spent writing (marketing materials, press releases, sales proposals, event contracts, website content, newsletters, speeches, & more).


Creative Writing, Editing, Research, Marketing, & PR Services

Book Adaptation (adapt your screenplay into a book)

Book & Author Marketing & PR

Book Author Interviews

Book Manuscript Editing

Book Manuscript Evaluation

Brochures, Fliers, & Booklets for Business

Content Editing

Content Writing



Creative Brainstorming for Book, Film, Product, Service, or Company Titles, Names, Ideas, Tag Lines, or Log Lines

Education/Training Course Design, Content Writing, & Syllabus
  (based on a published book or book manuscript)

Event Content Writing

Event Marketing & PR 

Film Marketing & PR

Ghost Writing


Newsletter Design, Content Writing, Editing, Desktop Publishing/Production


Research for Writers, Book Publishers, or Filmmakers

Screenplay Adaptation
 (adapt your novella, book, or book manuscript into a feature-length screenplay for film production)

Screenplay Rewriting (Final Draft)

Screenplay Typing (Final Draft)

Screenplay Writing (Final Draft)

Social Media Content Posting

Social Media Content Writing

Web Page Content Writing

Web Page Content Editing

Contact: annbaldwin@annbaldwin.net

Rates are by the word, page, hour, or project (flat rate).



Ann has been an instrumental part in the promotion of my two books. She has a gift and a flair for the creative process. She knows how to get to the heart of what matters. I highly recommend her for your creative writing needs.
Jen Grisanti - Story/Career Consult, Speaker, Writing Instructor at NBC, Author (Story Line, Change Your Story, Change Your Life) - http://jengrisanticonsultancy.com/

Excellence. That one word describes Ann’s talent and all that she writes. She’s also possessed of genuine enthusiasm and passion, which adds immeasurably to every collaboration. Ann’s been a hugely valuable asset, always promoting my book, seminars, and The Master Course. I recommend Ann if you have creative writing needs.
Gary W. Goldstein - Producer (Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies); Author (Conquering Hollywood…); Speaker & Instructor (Breaking into Hollywood: The Master Course) - http://breakingintohollywood.com/

Ann is an attentive listener and a smart and dedicated writer, one who really understands your needs and goals and delivers above and beyond your expectations. Collaborating with her on interviews has been a pleasure — satisfying, rewarding and great fun. I look forward to working with her again.
Diane Drake - Professional Screenwriter (Only You, What Women Want), Creative Consultant, Screenwriting Instructor - http://dianedrake.com/

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ann who asked insightful and thought-provoking questions. She knows how to bring out the best in people and what they do to not only capture the attention of her audience, but inform them of the subject matter in an interesting way. She was a delight to work with and made me feel at ease. I look forward to working with Ann again and highly recommend her.
Shelley Duffy - Spiritual Medium, Psychic, Animal Communicator - http://www.icspirits.com/

The behind the scenes of making my book look good (you know…spelling, grammar, editing and proofreading) was expertly handled by one special lady, Ann Baldwin. Ann stepped in when I had a tight deadline to meet and was simply wonderful to work with. She pulled some late hours during the holidays to make it happen and viewed me and my work as a real thing, not just a job. No hesitation in recommending her---she's a jewel!!!
Dreama Tolle Perry – Artist, Writer (Be Inspired, The Artist's Toolbox, Let There Be Love), Painting Instructor http://dreamatolleperry.com/

Ann is a talented creative professional. She helped to successfully promote my book in a thorough, thoughtful manner. It was a pleasure working with her - she was patient yet delivered on time. I look forward to collaborating with Ann again.
Carole M. Kirschner – Head of CBS Diversity Writers Mentoring Program, Director of WGA Showrunner Training Program, Author (Hollywood Game Plan), Speaker, Entertainment Career Consultant - http://parkonthelot.com/

I've had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ann Baldwin and have used her writing and editing skills in putting together a course syllabus on my book –
Kathie Fong Yoneda - Consultant, Workshop Leader, Author (The Script-Selling Game (2nd edition) – http://kathiefongyoneda.com/

It was absorbing and great fun being the subject of an interview with Ann on her series; she is knowledgeable and supportive. She explores levels of information that are both articulate and valuable to discuss. I use the term story midwife, to describe very special people. Those with a deep empathy and a first-hand knowledge of the writing experience, who help you push through the process of birthing your creativity -- with warmth, encouragement and no dogma. As a writer of books and screenplays herself, Ann studies and engages in the creative process. She has a wonderful appreciation for what it takes to act as a guide, and she knows the paths to success in a business with few obvious sign posts. She's what savvy writers, directors, and producers look for, when creating and promoting their books and films. I recommend Ann as a heartfelt champion for your creative journey.
Pen Densham – Writer-Producer-Director (Phantom, The Outer Limits, Moll Flanders, Blown Away, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Backdraft), Author (Riding The Alligator) - http://www.ridingthealligator.com/

Ann is a wonderful, gifted, and inspiring person with great talent.
Michele Wallerstein ~ Screenplay, Novel, & Career Consultant, Speaker, Author (Mind Your Business) http://michelewallerstein110.vpweb.com/

Ann was a joy to work with in the script consultation process. She really knows how to hear a note and run with it. She has a love and enthusiasm for the creative process that is reflected in her story. She has a gift.
Jen Grisanti - Story/Career Consult, Speaker, Writing Instructor at NBC, Author (Story Line, Change Your Story, Change Your Life) - http://jengrisanticonsultancy.com/

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Power-Up Your Hollywood Career

Generous Tips from a Successful Coach
An Interview with Carole Kirschner
by Ann Baldwin

Carole Kirschner is highly respected among her peers and worked as a senior-level creative television executive for sixteen years, including stints at CBS and as Vice President of Television at Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, where she helped to develop Murphy Brown, Designing Women, and Steven Spielberg Presents Tiny Toon Adventures. She then became an educator, teaching at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts and UCLA Extension. She created and runs two innovative training programs: The CBS Diversity Institute Writers Mentoring and The Hollywood Assistant Training Program. She worked with writer/producer Jeffrey Melvoin to develop curriculum for the Writers Guild of America Show-runner Training Program and as the director, is responsible for overseeing it. Carole leads popular industry seminars on networking, pitching, and self-marketing for creative professionals. Through her career consulting practice, she teaches clients what they need to do to succeed. She is the author of Hollywood Game Plan: How to Land a Job in Film, TV, or Digital Entertainment (Michael Wiese Productions 2012).

Hollywood has always been one of the most challenging to break into. Most of the film industry people from the past and long-time veterans, still in the business, had to learn the ropes through trial and error (The School of Hard Knocks), because there were no books, classes, seminars, or set of rules to guide you on how to do it. What little knowledge there was seemed like guarded secrets and very few people knew about them.  

I’m always grateful, when I have the opportunity to interview seasoned professionals like Carole Kirschner who’re willing to share their experience to help guide the rest of us as we journey into our new careers in Hollywood.

Ann: There are so many creative opportunities within the industry; what do you recommend for people who are older and/or seasoned professionals from a different field of work, who are entering into the film, TV, and digital entertainment industry?

Carole: If you’re an aspiring writer, producer, actor, or director practice your craft until you are blazing hot at it and then people will have to pay attention to you. Or another way to do it is to go with your strength. The best idea, if possible, is to transfer existing experience and expertise (i.e. public relations, marketing, law etc.) into that job within the entertainment industry. Once you’ve established yourself in your field within Hollywood it’s easier to transfer to the creative side of the business.

Ann: In your book, Hollywood Game Plan, you talk about three elements that create a unique personal pitch; can you share a little about them and give us an example?

Carole: There’s the Personal Log Line (which is the answer to the question: “what do you do”?), your Personal “A-Story” (which is the answer to the question: “tell me about yourself”) and what I call Personal Nuggets, which are personal anecdotes (which is a way to make yourself memorable, which is incredibly important when decision makers are meeting new people all the time). An example of a personal log line is:  “I’m the luckiest woman in show business.  I get to do what I love, which is help people. Because of my background as a development executive and an educator I get to run two cool TV career development programs and through my career coaching practice, Park on the Lot, I get to help even more people.”

Ann: You mention three types of mentors that you encourage people to seek-out and nurture a relationship with; can you tell us about them and explain how you activated your support team of mentors to help you land your job at Amblin Entertainment?

Carole: There’s a peer mentor (someone at your level who’s happy to share information and help you). An advisor mentor (someone further along in their career who’s willing to make a call and give you a leg up) and a guru mentor (someone well established and respected in the business with many contacts who’s willing – very occasionally – to vouch for you).  For the Amblin job, I reached out to two of my advisor mentors and had them call Kathleen Kennedy, the woman who ran Steven’s company and say nice things about me.  Then I had my guru mentor who was a partner at the top talent agency in Hollywood and asked him to call her and let her know that the agency would be excited for me to get the job and would support me in that position… all of them helped me land that gig.

Ann: Who are a few of the people in the industry who’ve inspired you through-out your career and why?

Carole: My first boss, television writer/producer, James Hirsch, taught me how to read a script and the right way to give a writer notes. Motion picture producer, Kathleen Kennedy, is an extremely creative and powerful woman and is supportive of people coming up when they impress her. Television director, Lesli Linka Glatter, is incredibly talented, funny, kind, and very generous. Television writer/producer, Kam Miller, is a mentee of mine and inspires me with her talent, amazing work ethic, and generosity.

Ann: What is the most fulfilling aspect of the work you do?

Carole: I get to help people.  I love to watch as they thrive and their careers grow.

Ann: If you had one piece of advice or a motivational quote to impart to people entering the industry, what would it be?

Carole: Connect with lots of other people in a mutually beneficial way.  Know that the way to get lucky is by looking at the person to your right and the person to your left and working harder than both of them.  And finally, as soon as you’ve achieved any kind of success be generous and give back.

Ann: Do you have any upcoming projects, books, or events you can share with us that we can look forward to?

Carole: I’ll be doing a workshop at the Great American Pitch Fest on June 20th. Its insider tips for creating your own Hollywood Game Plan. Then on the 21st Kathie Fong Yoneda, Laurie Scheer, and I will be speaking at the Fest about what executives and decision makers are really looking for in pitches and projects. On September 5th and 6th I’ll be speaking at Story Expo on Marketing Your TV Career and 5 Tips for a Killer Pitch.

Ann: Thank you Carole for taking the time to interview with me.

To connect with Carole Kirschner, you can visit her website at www.hollywoodgameplan.com and purchase a copy of her book, Hollywood Game Plan, at Michael Wiese Productions or Amazon. You can also read my book review of Hollywood Game Plan on my blog page A Higher Frequency.